About me


My name is Ruud van Wylick. I am an enthousiastic beginning photographer, at the moment living in The Netherlands.

From my childhood on I took photos, but just like almost everybody does. Making snapshots on vacation or with family and friends. After I returned from New York City in 2011 I was excited to present my photos to some friends. However I was not amused with the results. I saw different things! At that moment I decided to upgrade my camera and improve my level as a photographer. I started reading books and articles, watching movies on YouTube and make photos. Lots of photos. Time was a huge problem because I was studying at that moment. Besides my study I was working a lot to earn money for my gear, but also to save money for my big dream: travel the world!

After I graduated my journey started in Russia. From there on I went to Mongolia, followed by several other countries in Asia. After Asia I stopped in Fiji and I finished in New Zealand. Time was not a problem, so I took a lot of photos. This website is mainly a result of this trip.



I am still developing my skills and also trying other sorts of photography. I’m getting into studio- and outdoorportraits. Street photography and shooting at night are also main items. But travel photography is still the thing I prefer the most.

I hope you enjoy the photos on my website. Feel free to share your opinion with me or don’t hesitate to ask me a question. Click here to contact me.

Ruud van Wylick